Spring 2021 ECE Electives

At the appropriate time, a list of course times can be found in the schedule booklet.  Changes made here will be shown on the schedule booklet the next day.

Students must complete prerequisites with a "C" grade or better prior to enrolling in these courses. Please refer to the course catalog for a complete list of prerequisites.  Not all of them are listed here.

The courses listed below indicate the electives that map into the 2013-2014 catalog and beyond. For older catalog years, you should check with the undergraduate advisor - Mr. Scalzo.

Electrical and Computer Engineering Breadth Electives

EE 3220 Electronics 2 - see catalog for prerequisite

EE 3223 Modern Electronics Lab - see catalog for prerequisite

EE 3410 Electric Power - see catalog for prerequisite

EE 3710 Communications in Computing - see catalog for prerequisite

Electrical Engineering Design Electives

EE 4162, EE 4350, EE 4780

EE 4003-5,6,7,8 (McAnnely) Power System Protection with Lab - EE 3410

Computer Engineering Design Electives

EE 4162, EE 4780 

Electrical Engineering Technical Electives (Group 1)

EE 4625, EE 4720, EE 4740


Computer Engineering Technical Electives (Group 1)

Extra Breadth Electives- see catalog for prerequisites

EE 4625