Fall 2019 ECE Electives

A complete list of courses can be found in the schedule booklet. Students must complete prerequisites with a "C" grade or better prior to enrolling in these courses. Please refer to the course catalog for a complete list of prerequisites. Not all of them are listed here.

Electrical and Computer Engineering Breadth Electives

Students must take 18 hours of breadth electives. Of these, courses must be taken from at least FOUR out of FIVE Groups. All breadth elective courses and their corresponding groups are shown on the advising page.

S = offered spring only

F = offered fall only

B = offered both fall and spring

Group 1: EE 3160 Digital Signal Processing (F)

Group 2: EE 3232 Solid State Devices(F)

Group 3: EE 3410 Electric Power(B)

Group 4: EE 3530 Introduction to Controls Engineering (F)

Group 5: EE 3752 Microprocessor Systems (F)

Group 5: EE 3755 Computer Organization(F)

Electrical Engineering Design Electives

EE 4240, 4242, EE 4270, EE 4422, EE 4745, EE 4755

EE 4003 Programmable Logic Controller Design - prerequisite is EE 3530

EE 4702-1 Graphics Processor (GPU) Programming

Computer Engineering Design Electives

EE 4242, EE 4745, EE 4755 

EE 4702-1 Graphics Processor (GPU) Programming

Electrical Engineering Technical Electives

Any extra breadth elective, EE 4445, EE 4660

EE 4000 Modern Power System Analysis - prerequisite is EE 3410

Computer Engineering Technical Electives

EE 3160, EE 3232, EE 3320, EE 3610, EE 4660