Chester I. Parrott

Ph.D. Student

Advisor: Dr. D. Carver


162 Coates Hall

Louisiana State University
Baton Rouge, LA 70803

Phone: N/A


Research Interests

Use process discovery, workflow modeling, agent simulation, and machine learning to explain, predict, and automate behaviors in human-computer systems to influence the state of the science in artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, human learning, and software design.

Areas: Cyber-Security, Software Design, Machine Learning, Data Mining, Multi-Agent Systems

Applications: Reverse-engineering legacy systems requirements; Generating test cases for refactoring/redesign of legacy systems; Optimization of systems through analysis of user behavior patterns; Detection of abnormal user behavior; Detection of abnormal system behavior; Access control through user behavior classification


Research Projects


Mining User Access Patterns from Web Application Logs

Facial Recognition using Neural Networks

MazeRunner: an Empirical Analysis of Search Heuristics vs Reinforcement Learning in 2D Mazes


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