Common Minors


The Biological Sciences minor is useful for students looking to pursue a career at the intersection of biology and computer science. Common career paths include biotechnology, bioinformatics, medicine, and other similar fields.

The Business Administration minor is intended for students who are interested in entrepreneurship and management.

The Communication Studies minor is a versatile minor that can enhance a computer science degree in a variety of ways. This minor can help students develop stronger communication, teamwork, and marketing skills.

The Digital Media Arts & Engineering minor is best for students who are interested in digital arts, including television, visual communication, multimedia web design, advertising, digital brands, and much more.

This interdisciplinary minor, created in collaboration with IBM, is intended for students interested in careers in eCommerce-related applications development and information technologies, including enterprise development, systems analysis and architecture, data warehousing, and data analytics. eCommerce, in the form of business-to-consumer (B2C) or business-to-business (B2B) commerce, now makes up the majority of commerce in the United States. Technologies and business practices have evolved rapidly in eCommerce, and there is a high demand for employees with expertise in these systems. The purpose of this minor is to familiarize technically oriented students with the business processes and strategic issues underlying eCommerce systems, as well as develop a mastery of the design, development, and implementation of eCommerce software systems.

The Electrical & Computer Engineering minor is for computer science students who are looking to have an understanding of hardware design and embedded software.

The IT Technology Management minor prepares students to design, build, and analyze business processes to deliver value through operational efficiency and innovation. These students develop skills in project management, data management, structured thinking, and management of IT resources.

The Mathematics minor is for students looking to enhance or bolster their knowledge of mathematics. As mathematics is widely used in computer science, a deeper understanding of the topic can be useful to further improve computer science skills.

The Physics minor is for students who wish to possess a deeper understanding of basic physics. This minor can be useful to pursue a career in a variety of fields, such as robotics, scientific computing, and aerospace engineering.

The Philosophy minor can serve as an excellent complement to a computer science degree. Philosophy, much like computer science, is often based on logic and critical thinking. A philosophy minor can help students develop a greater understanding of human behavior and ethics.

The Psychology minor can help computer science students who are looking to pursue a career path in artificial intelligence (AI) by providing a deeper understanding of human behavior and learning. It can also help students looking to improve user experience or interaction in software design.

The Robotics minor is intended for students who have an interest in robots and robotics. The minor helps students specialize in this field.

The Applied Statistics minor is best for students looking to analyze and interpret data.


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