Major in Computer Science 

    The LSU Computer Science undergraduate program is offered through the College of Engineering and a student must meet the admission requirements before entering this college. Do familiarize yourself with the degree requirements of the college found in your General Catalog. Each LSU student is expected to read and understand his/her General Catalog. This site is intended to assist you in choosing a plan of study and is not a substitute for your General Catalog. Once you are a student at LSU, your online degree audit will be a most valuable tool for viewing required courses, allowable substitutions, and courses not available for degree credit. Also you are required to see an advisor from computer science for one-on-one personal advising.

    The curriculum is designed to provide students with a wide variety of opportunities to take courses in core and applied areas of computer science, and to also do research, summer internships and co-ops.  It allows a flexible plan of study via the mandatory selection of one of four concentrations available:

    • Software Engineering (SE) Concentration
    • Cloud Computing and Networking (CCN) Concentration effective fall 2014
    • Data Science and Analytics (DSA) Concentration effective fall 2014
    • Computer Science and Second Discipline Concentration

    A concentration should be selected in the second semester of your sophomore year. If the second discipline concentration is selected, an approval is needed. Computer Science students are cautioned to verify course descriptions in the catalog noting where duplication of course credits may be prohibited.


    Important Degree Requirements for All Curriculum Years

    • A communication studies (speech) course is required and must be from the General Education Humanities list.
    • An English literature course is required and must be from the General Education Humanities list. Older catalog years may require two English literature courses to meet the General Education Humanities requirements (prior to catalog year 2013-2014).
    • Two science sequences are required. One sequence must be a biology sequence and the other a physical science. The physical science sequence must be from a choice of Physics, Astronomy, Chemistry or Geology. Two hours credit in lab work is required and the total lab credit must be associated with only one of the two sequences. Science sequences in geography or physical science will NOT count toward your science requirements.
    • Approved electives are any course you would like to take - with a few exceptions. Sometimes these courses are called "free electives" or referred to as "courses taken for elective credit". See your General Catalog of Computer Science and your degree audit for restrictions on your approved electives.