Husam Sadek, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of ResearchHusam Sadek

3315-A Patrick F. Taylor Fall, Baton Rouge, LA 70809

Phone: (225) 578-0131

Educational Background

Ph.D., Civil Engineering (Pavement Engineering), University of Liverpool, UK, 2015
M.Sc., Structural Engineering, The University of Calgary, Canada, 2009
B.Sc., Civil Engineering, Qatar University, Qatar, 2006

Professional Experience

Research Assistant Professor August 2018 – Present
Tran-SET Regional University Transportation Center - Louisiana State University- Baton Rouge, Louisiana

  • Conduct research in the area of advanced materials for infrastructure sustainability.
  • Serve as a PI/CO-PI for Tran-SET projects.
  • Participate in all aspects of planning, development, and management of the Tran-SET UTC program.
  • Prepare proposals for submission to granting agencies and foundations to attract external funding.
  • Build strategic partnerships with local, regional and national funding agencies to expand Tran-SET's
    source of funds including LADOTD, FHWA, NCHRP, industry and foundations.
  • Monitors progress of the center's civil, construction and transportation research projects with emphasis
    on concrete, asphalt, pavements, sustainability, material characterization and structures.
  • Supervise and mentor graduate and undergraduate students working on the center's projects.
  • Support Center's research dissemination activities through participation/development of short courses,
    seminars, and webinars to students, community colleges, industry and DOT personnel.

Research Associate May 2017 – July 2018
Modified Asphalt Research Center (MARC) - University of Wisconsin-Madison - Madison, Wisconsin

  •  Lead and managed a $150k sponsored WisDOT research project on Field versus Laboratory Aging
    and Moisture Sensitivity of Asphalt Pavements (WHRP 17-04).
  • Lead and manage a $100k sponsored WisDOT research project on the Effect of Tack Coat Materials
    on Tracking Performance (WHRP 17-06).
  • Manage all industrial consultancy projects, including planning, testing, analysis, reporting.
  • Supervise and manage the research projects of two PhD and two MSc students.
  • Prepare research proposals (technical and budget).
  • Developed a draft ASTM Standard Test Method for Rotary Asphalt Wheel Testing (RAWT) of
    Compacted Hot Mix Asphalt (HMA).
  • Write and review manuscripts and technical reports for publication.

Pavement Expert Assistant Nov. 2015 - April 2017
ANAS S.p.A. - The QA/AC Pavement Consultancy Service Project - Doha, Qatar

  • Investigated a pavement failure (severe surface defects) of a newly constructed major highway by
    different field and laboratory testing after a pavement condition survey resulted in replacing the
    surface asphalt concrete layer with a new one following the specification requirements.
  • Involved in performing pavement condition surveys and performance evaluations on the road
  • Provided initial field recommendations of road segments for future pavement preservation strategies.
  • Audited and reviewed more than 40 pavement design reports of highways and local roads submitted to
    the Public Works Authority for approval against the required specifications and the best international
    practices, which optimized the pavement designs.
  • Planned and implemented the development of the Mechanistic-Empirical Pavement Design Guide for
    the State of Qatar by testing all materials being used in Qatar. Created the materials database,
    conducted laboratory testing and analyzed the data with field transfer functions.
  • Reviewed and updated the current pavement design specifications.
  • Assessed and interviewed the supervision consultants’ personnel working for the Public Work
    Authority road projects, which resulted in designing special training courses to enhance their
    knowledge about the materials in Qatar and best practices.

Graduate Student Research Assistant May 2011 - Dec. 2015
Department of Civil Engineering - The University of Liverpool - Liverpool, UK

  • Investigated in depth the performance of six full-scale trial asphalt pavement sections constructed in
    Qatar with different aggregate types (Gabbro & Limestone) and different binder types (Polymer
    modified and unmodified binders) which showed the significant improvement in performance against
    fatigue cracking and rutting when polymer modified binders and Gabbro aggregates are used.
  • Conducted several field tests (i.e. FWD and IRI) and laboratory tests (i.e. Dynamic Modulus, Flow
    Number, Push-Pull Fatigue, etc.) on the mixtures and cores collected from the trial sections.
  • Implemented a Life Cycle Cost Analysis (LCCA) study on the use of conventional pavement
    structures and the perpetual pavements which suggested shifting to perpetual pavement in order to
    reduce the rehabilitation/maintenance costs with enhancement in performance.
  • Developed a probabilistic analysis approach based on Monte Carlo Simulation (MCS) to predict the
    performance of asphalt mixtures against fatigue damage to a highly reliable level using the
    Viscoelastic Continuum Damage (VECD) approach.
  • Investigated the suitability of using recycled materials or by-products (i.e. Steel Slag, excavation
    waste and RAP) in road construction which showed a promising potential to be used in Qatar.

Teaching Assistant
Aug. 2008 - Nov. 2015
Department of Civil and Architectural Engineering – Qatar University - Doha, Qatar

  • Courses taught in Civil Engineering: Statics, Strength of Materials, Properties and Testing of
    Materials, Analysis of Structures I & II, Design of RC Members, Design of RC Structures, Design of
    Steel Structures, Pavement Materials and Design.
  • Courses taught in General Engineering: Engineering Graphics, Engineering Skills and Ethics,
    Probability and Statistics for Engineers.
  • Administrative and Academic Responsibilities:
    • Outreach Committee Member
    • Advisor for the ASCE Student Chapter
    • Facilities and Safety Committee Member
    • ABET Accreditation Committee Member
    • New Students Orientation Committee Member
    • First Year Experience (FYE) Project Member

Skills and Areas of Experience

  1. Mixture and Pavement Designs: Knowledgeable about Marshall and Superpave mix designs; Knowledgeable Hot-Mix Asphalt (HMA), Warm-Mix Asphalt (WMA), Cold In-place Recycling; Experienced in AASHTO 1993 and Mechanistic-Empirical Pavement Design Methods; Well-trained to conduct Flexible and Rigid pavement designs and analysis; Experienced in evaluating pavement responses and performance evaluation; Experienced in the QA/QC of Pavement Production and Construction; Knowledgeable about Pavement Maintenance and Rehabilitation techniques.
  2. Field and Laboratory Testing: Asphalt Mixture Performance Tester (AMPT) tests: Dynamic Modulus, Flow Number, Push-Pull Fatigue Tests; Rotary Asphalt Wheel (RWT) Test; Hamburg Wheel-Tracking (HWT) Test; Semi-Circular Bending (SCB) Tests; Marshall Stability and Flow Test; Dynamic Shear Rheometer (DSR) Test; Disk-Shaped Compact Tension (DCT) Test; Multiple-Stress Creep-Recovery (MSCR) Test; Falling Weight Deflectometer (FWD); Fuel Resistance (FR) Test; Tensile Strength Ratio (TSR) Test; Automatic Road Analyzer (ARAN) collected data (e.g. IRI and GPR); Linear Amplitude Sweep (LAS) Test
  3. Main Technical Software Packages: AASHTOWare (M-E PDG); KENLAYER; KENSLAB; Elmod6; SCB-IFIT; DRIP; MATLAB; Primavera; AutoCAD
  4. Soft Skills: Multi-tasking; Public Speaking; Communication Skills; Team Management; Self-learning & Proactive; Speed Reading and Writing

Professional Memberships

  • In the process of applying for Professional Engineering (PE) License.

  • Grade A (Consultant) Civil Engineer at the Ministry of Municipality and Environment of Qatar.

  • Associate Member of the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE).

  • Associate Member of the Transportation & Development Institute’s (T&DI) Highway Pavement
    Committee of the ASCE.

  • Member of the Association of Asphalt Paving Technologists (AAPT), International Society for
    Asphalt Pavements (ISAP), Transportation Research Board (TRB), Academy of Pavement Science
    and Engineering (APSE), Arab American Association of Engineers and Architect (AAAEA).

Peer-Reviewed Journal Publications

  • Sadek, H., Rahman, M.Z., Lemke, Z., Bahia, H., Reichelt, S. and Swiertz, D., (under review).
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Conference Publications

  • Sadek, H., Masad, E., Al-Khalid, H., and Sirin, O. (2015) “Fatigue characterisation of full-scale
    pavements using viscoelastic continuum damage approach for Qatar.” 6th International Conference on
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  • A certificate in a web-based training entitled “Fatigue Cracking of Asphalt Pavements - Analysis and
    Interpretation of Fatigue Cracking Test Data” – Asphalt Institute & AAPT – Nov. 2016.
  • A certificate in a web-based training entitled “Fatigue Cracking Tests for Asphalt Materials” –
    Asphalt Institute & AAPT – Oct. 2016.
  • A certificate in a web-based training entitled “Fatigue Cracking of Asphalt Pavements – Introduction”
    – Asphalt Institute & AAPT – Oct. 2016.
  • A certificate in a training course entitled “Energy Saving, Environmental Management and Renewable
    Energy” – Cosmo Oil Co., Ltd – Japan, Jan. 2015.
  • A certificate in a training course entitled “Quality Control/Quality Assurance and Construction
    Practices of Asphalt Pavement” – Dr. John D’Angelo and Dr. Eyad Masad – Continuing Education
    department in Texas A&M University at Qatar – Doha, Dec. 2013.
  • A certificate in an Administrative Session entitled “Communication and Presentation Skills” – Mr.
    Ahmed Al-Sayed – Al-Fursan Center – Doha, Mar. 2006.
  • A certificate in an Administrative Session entitled “The successful work group – for beginners and
    professionals” - Dr. Yosuf Al-Abdullah – Excellence Center – Doha, Mar. 2005.
  • A certificate in an Administrative Session entitled “The effective managing of youth” – Dr. Yosuf Al-
    Abdullah – Excellence Center – Doha, Nov. 2004.