Two ChE Students Among 2021 Ogden Honors College Graduates

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May 2021 Ogden Honors College Graduates

One-hundred and forty-eight Ogden Honors College students graduated on Thursday, May 6. Sixty-two students were awarded College Honors, LSU’s highest graduation distinction, which includes the Upper Division Honors Distinction.

Among those awarded College Honors were ChE majors Henry Kantrow and Estelle Seghers. Thank you for your dedication, hard work, and determination throughout your academic career here at LSU ChE.

Graduating with College Honors

Henry J Kantrow, B.S.Ch.E. Chemical Engineering
“Controlling the Orientation of Fluorescent Dyes Using External Electric Fields”

Estelle Elizabeth Seghers, B.S.Ch.E. Chemical Engineering
“Plant-Wide Control System Proposal of Ethylene Cracking Plant Simulation”