Meet ACS Young Investigator, Mario V. Ramos-Garces

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Headshot of Mario Ramos-Garces
Congratulations go to Dr. Mario V. Ramos-Garces, a Postdoc in Prof. Arges' group, on receiving an ACS Young Investigator Award for his PhD research! You can read the full story at

Dr. Ramos-Garces was also recently published in RSC Advances. This work had contributions from ChE graduate students Qi Lei (MS 2020), Subarna Kole, and Deepra Bhattacharya. The work was also a collaboration with Prof. Revati Kumar and Ke Li (PhD 2021) in LSU Chemistry and the Advanced Photon Source at Argonne National Laboratory. The paper describes ionic activity coefficient and conductivity differences between random copolymer electrolytes and block copolymer electrolytes of the same repeat unit chemistry. The results have implications for the rationale design of ion-exchange membranes for energy efficient and targeted ionic separations. Access the article at!divAbstract.