Luis Briceno-Mena & Gokul Venugopalan Published in Patterns

Congrats to Luis Briceno-Mena (lead author) and Gokul Venugopalan on their recent publication “Machine Learning for Guiding High-Temperature PEM Fuel Cells with Greater Power Density” in Patterns (Cell Press). This work combined experiments with modeling and data analysis tools to build a framework for the study and development of new High-Temperature Proton Electrolyte Membrane Fuel Cells for vehicle transportation. The framework employed Machine Learning tools (e.g., support vector regression, dimension reduction, and clustering) that seamlessly linked materials characteristics with fuel cell device performance, allowing for the accelerated discovery of material property attributes and fuel cell operating parameters that achieve greater power density while co-currently addressing costs.

Luis Briceno-Mena

Gokul Venugopalan