Gokul Venugopalan and co-workers publish a paper in ACS Applied Energy Materials on new high temperature membranes for fuel cells

Gokul Venugopalan from the Arges group published a paper in ACS Applied Energy Materials on anhydrous, high temperature polymer electrolyte membranes for fuel cells. The new membranes were produced from phosphoric acid doped polycation-polybenzimidazole blends and they demonstrate remarkably high proton conductivity and thermal stability. Competitive fuel cell performance was attained with the new membranes at the challenging condition of 220oC without water and the fuel cell was stable over 100 hours at 180oC. The work was sponsored by the LSU Lift2, LA Board of Regents (Proof-of-Concept/Prototyping Fund), and the 3M Non-Tenured Faculty Award. The work included contributions from researchers at the University of Virginia.