Rep Your Flag 2019

The LSU Office of Diversity celebrated Rep Your Flag 2019 on Friday, March 22. Rep Your Flag is a fun way to showcase the cultural and international diversity that many of our students bring to campus, while celebrating their strength and diversity. This year, our department joined in the celebration.

In our department alone we have 25 faculty, 7 staff, and 57 graduate students from 19 nations!

Display Photos

ChE Graduate Students' Flag DisplayPhoto of display with flags for all ChE graduate students

class="img-responsive" Photo of display with flags for all ChE graduate students, faculty & staffclass="img-responsive" Photo of display with flags for all ChE graduate students, faculty & staff

Fun Facts

Luis Dias Bumba Manuel Angola Here is a fun fact about Angola: our national tree: Imbondeiro tree, it is a giant tree that can live up to a 1000 years, it is kind of an upside down tree because the branches resemble roots, also wikipedia says the trunk can hold 120000 Liters of water, these trees are all over the country I saw a lot of them growing up. Photo of Imbondeiro Tree
Yao Wu China


Panda bears - Shorting China
Daniel Alexis Noreña Caro Colombia

Colombia is a charming tropical country, where even palm trees grow high in the mountains.

One of my favorite places in Colombia it the Cocora Valley. It is located on the mountains of western Colombia and the National tree of the country, The Quindio wax palm, grows there.

Image result for palma de cera del quindio
Santiago David Salas Ortiz Ecuador Well, a very interesting fact of Ecuador is that the first World Heritage Site declared by the UNESCO were the Galapagos Islands, and my home city (Quito) was the first city to be declared World Heritage Site. Both in 1978.  UNESCO World Heritage Site - Quito, Ecuador
Deepra Bhattacharya India In West Bengal, India, all cows are required to have government-issued Photo ID cards! Photo of AADHAR cow photo ID card
Sharareh Heidarian Iran Persian New year is celebrated on March 21 (the first day of Spring) and Iranians start their year by visiting friends and family. Photo of Nowruz feast
Behnam Safavinia Iran My fact about Iran is: Father of algebra (Muḥammad ibn Mūsā al-Khwārizmī) is from Iran and Iranians have their own new year (Nowruz) which starts with start of spring (March 21st). Photo of Muḥammad ibn Mūsā al-Khwārizmī, the "Father of Algebra"
Ahmed Al Harraq Italy

About Italy: people often associate it with sunny beaches and historical cities, but my favorite areas are actually the countryside hills in Emilia or Tuscany, and the Alps are the best for hiking and skiing!

Photo of the hills of Emilia Romagna, Italy
Benjamin Beau Peterson United States of America

My favorite thing about the United States of America? Subcultures! They are everywhere and keep things fun and interresting. According to List25, the top 25 US subcultures are:

25. Fandom, 24. LGBT, 23. Southern, 22. Deaf, 21. Korean, 20. Homesteading, 19. Spanish, 18. West Coast (California), 17. Native Americans & Alaskan Natives, 16. Little Havana, 15. Video Game "Gamer," 14. Sports, 13. The Amish, 12. Parents/Caregivers, 11. Military, 10. Theater, 9. Campus, 8. Prepper (Survivalist), 7. UFO Believers, 6. Motorcycle Club...

5. Bronies
4. Hip-Hop
3. New Age Spirituality
2. Bodybuilding
1. New England

Photo of Banksy's Hip Hop Rat

Our Flags (graduate students, faculty, staff)

Angola (1)

Luis Dias Bumba Manuel

Argentina (2)

Jorgé Asis Charbel Chebeir
José A. Romagnoli

Bangladesh (3)

Md Ashraful Abedin
Sharif Mohammad Mizanur Rahman
Md Saeedur Rahman

Brazil (4)

Daniel Guedes de Oliveira
Sara Karoline Figueiredo Stofela
Natalia da Silva Moura
Tiago Ramos Leite da Silva

Cherokee Nation - Eastern Band (1)

Rachel Elizabeth Landry*

China (14)

Xun Cheng
Kunlun Ding
Zhizhong "John" Ding
Yusheng Guo
Changyi Jiang
Qi Lei
Yan Ma
Yingzhen Ma
Yuming Wang
Yao Wu
Jingya Xiao
Ye Xu
Laibao Zhang
Wenbo Zhu

Colombia (1)

Daniel Alexis Noreña Caro

Cuba (1)

Armando B. Corripio

Denmark (1)

Martin A. Hjortsø

Ecuador (1)

Santiago David Salas Ortiz

Germany (1)

Daniel Jude Fontenot*

India (19)

Divakar Reddy Aireddy
Bhuvnesh Bharti
Suman Bhasker Ranganath
Deepra Bhattacharya
Srikar Bhattar
Pragathi Darapaneni
Sai Sankar Ganesan
Swarom Ravindra Kanitkar
Subarna Kole
Avinesh Reddy Mali
Vidhyadhar Manee
Krishnaswamy Nandakumar
Varada Menon Palakkal
Saurin Hiren Rawal
Veda Thipparthi
Manibarathi Vaithiyanathan
Kalliat T. Valsaraj
Gokul Venugopalan
Venkata Sai Krishna Karthik Vutukuru

Indonesia (1)

Jimmy Lawrence

Iran (4)

Sharareh Heidarian
Foroogh Khezeli
Khashayar Ramezani Bajgiran
Behnam Safavinia

Italy (1)

Ahmed Al Harraq

Nepal (2)

Arjan Bhandari
Kushal Ghale

Pakistan (1)

Hiba Malik

Republic of Korea (1)

Jin Gyun Lee

United States of America (32)

Christopher G. Arges
Joseph Martin Bell
Michael G. Benton
Franklin Richard Blystad
Darla Tipler Dao
Kerry M. Dooley
James A. Dorman
John C. Flake
Daniel Jude Fontenot*
Gregory L. Griffin
A. Barry Guillory
Brian F. Hanley
Elizabeth Anne Hurst
Hannah Catherine Hymel
Matthew Leo Jordan
Rachel Elizabeth Landry*
R. Mark Lee
Nicholas Salvadore Lombardo
Kevin M. McPeak
Adam T. Melvin
Tochukwu Ofoegbuna
John G. Pendergast
Craig Plaisance
Amber Julaine Pete
Benjamin Beau Peterson
Cameron Lee Roman
William A. Shelton
James J. Spivey
Harold J. Toups
Zachary Tyler Webb
Daniel Edward Willis
Mary Julia "Judy" Wornat

*Individual counted/listed more than once