McPeak Published in Optics Express

Cover of Optics ExpressProf. Kevin McPeak's recently published an article in Optics Express titled "Correlation of circular differential optical absorption with geometric chirality in plasmonic meta-atoms." Notably, the first author is an LSU undergraduate alum, Jon Wilson. Jon is currently at the University of Delaware pursuing his PhD in chemical engineering.

McPeak and Wilson co-authored the paper with Philipp Gutsche, Sven Herrmann, and Sven Burger of Zuse Institute Berlin. Gutsche is also on staff in the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science at the Free University of Berlin.

Congratulations to all involved!



We report a strong correlation between the calculated broadband circular differential optical absorption (CDOA) and the geometric chirality of plasmonic meta-atoms with two-dimensional chirality. We investigate this correlation using three common gold meta-atom geometries: L-shapes, triangles, and nanorod dimers, over a broad range of geometric parameters. We show that this correlation holds for both contiguous plasmonic meta-atoms and non-contiguous structures which support plasmonic coupling effects. A potential application for this correlation is the rapid optimization of plasmonic nanostructure for maximum broadband CDOA.

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