Chris Arges Receives LSU LIFT2 Fund Grant


argesOn June 4, 2018, Chris Arges received an LSU LIFT2 Grant in the amount of $50,000. His project is entitled, “Modular electrochemical reactor-separator for upgrading methane to higher order carbons and simultaneous production of hydrogen.” The goal of the grant is to advance Chris’ project from basic research to market.

The LSU LIFT2 Fund was created by the LSU Board of Supervisors in January of 2014 to help “Leverage Innovation for Technology Transfer” across all the campuses of the LSU system. By permanently securing a portion of licensing income for the LSU LIFT2 Fund, LSU has ensured continual reinvestment in innovation opportunities and affirmed its commitment to advancing discoveries for public benefit. Moving concepts closer to commercialization is the fundamental purpose of the LSU LIFT2 Fund.

A primary objective of technology transfer at LSU, like most other research universities nationwide, is the transition of innovations from the academy to the marketplace for public use and benefit. Many discoveries, however, require significant additional development to prove sufficient technical feasibility to attract commercial partners. Funding for this type of research is difficult to obtain from either government or private sources, leaving many promising innovations languishing in a funding gap often referred to as “the valley of death.” The LIFT2 Fund is specifically designed to increase the number of LSU innovations licensed to industry partners.

Grants awarded from the LIFT2 Fund will provide LSU’s entrepreneurial and creative community with small “proof-of-concept” funds to support further commercialization of innovations, help establish data which can support commercial feasibility of the innovations, and thus reduce the risk for companies interested in licensing them. “Innovations” are defined broadly, to include both creative and artistic works as well as devices, drugs, software, and other more traditional concepts; thus, faculty from all disciplines on all LSU campuses are encouraged to consider an application.