Cain Department of Chemical Engineering SEMINAR

“Ultrasonic-assisted processing and joining of composite materials”

Genevieve Palardy

Assistant Professor
Department of Mechanical & Industrial Engineering
Louisiana State University

Composite materials are lightweight and possess superior specific strength and stiffness compared to conventional alternatives, such as metals. Consequently, they are of great interest in several fields of applications where weight reduction is primordial, especially aerospace. Moreover, certain types of composites are reusable, recyclable and weldable, which further promotes weight reduction and sustainability. Ultrasonic welding is an efficient joining technique for thermoplastic composites with fast welding times (< 5 s), great potential for automation and no introduction of foreign material at the weldline. To improve this process, it is necessary to develop numerical simulations and experimental methods to capture complex physical phenomena, such as hammering (loss of contact between probe and adherend). The application of high-power ultrasonics can also be extended to other research areas, including: effective structural repair of composite structures, joining of dissimilar materials, and consolidation of composite layers for out-of-autoclave, low-energy manufacturing.

Friday, March 2, 2018

Refreshments served 2:00 – 2:15

1221 Patrick Taylor Hall