FastPath - FAQs

How do I apply to Fast Path?

If you have an ACT score of over 30 and have applied to LSU for the Biological Engineering BS program, you are automatically considered a Fast Path program candidate.

What criteria will you use to make your selections?

We will consider academic record, ACT, advanced placement levels, and overall student record and interest in the decision process.

When will you notify students of the selection decision?  

April 15.

Is the program open to non-La residents?  

YES, all students entering BE with high ACT scores will be considered.

Is the Medical School admission guaranteed?  

NO. The student will apply for med school after their sophomore year through the American Medical Application Service (AMCAS). If a student maintains the rigorous goals of this program, they should apply to the Early Decision Program or Regular Admission for the LSUHSC-NO School of Medicine.

When do students take the MCAT? 

In the spring of the sophomore year.

Is there a minimum MCAT score required for Medical School admission?  

YES. This program will require a high MCAT score for admission.

Are there exit paths built into the program?  

If the student exits the program during undergraduate work, the student will be put in the regular pre-med BE or normal BE program. If the student completes the first 2 years of medical school and then exits, they may be required to repay any medical school tuition waivers for the first 2 years and may loose any waivers for the second 2 years.

Does TOPS apply?

Yes, in the fourth year. The fourth year being the first year of medical school at the LSU A&M tuition rate.

Where is the PhD work performed?  

The student will work on their PhD on the Baton Rouge campus.  They will work on a Bio-Medical Engineering project, and we expect to have joint committees between the two campuses directing the research.

Do students pay tuition at medical school?  

Please visit LSUHSC School of Medicine Tuition and Fees for the most updated costs.

The New Orleans Medical School tuition for Louisiana residents is currently $32,936 per year. Students in the Fast Path program could receive tuition exemption for the first two years of medical school; each case will be reviewed independently. Students could also receive a stipend while working on their PhD at LSU and could have the tuition for the 3rd and 4th years of medical school waived, again, with independent review. It is important to note that each student's financial obligations will be reviewed on a case by case basis and subject to available funding at the time of review.

What are the deadlines for applications to the Medical School?

Please refer to the LSUHSC School of Medicine Admissions Timetable for the most current dates and timing.

In general, Early Decision requires submission to AMCAS by August 1 and to LSUHSC by September 1 with a decision by October 1. Regular admission is due AMCAS November 30 and to the LSUHSC by January 16 of the following year. Note the timing is at the start of the 3rd year of study at LSU in the undergraduate program. Also note that it is not necessary for FastPath students to go through the predental/premedical review committee at LSU A&M.


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