BE Course Syllabi

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BE4303.pdf BE 4303 Engineering Properties of Biological Materials
BE4305.pdf BE 4305 Engineering Entrepreneurship I
BE4306.pdf BE 4306 Engineering Entrepreneurship II
BE4323.pdf BE 4323 Biomechanics for Engineers
BE4332.pdf BE 4332 Molecular Methods in Biological Engineering
BE4335.pdf BE 4335 Tissue Engineering
BE4340.pdf BE 4340 Food and Bioprocess Engineering
BE4341.pdf BE 4341 Biological Reactor Systems Design
BE4352.pdf BE 4352 Transport Phenomena in Biological Engineering
BE4380.pdf BE 4380 Aquacultural Engineering
BE4383.pdf BE 4383 Natural Resource Engineering
BE7304.pdf BE 7304 Advanced Natural Resource Engineering
BE7350.pdf BE 7350 Advanced Instrumentation and Control for Biological Systems
BE7381.pdf BE 7381 Advanced Aquacultural Engineering
BE7500.pdf BE 7500 Seminar
BE7909.pdf BE 7909 Advanced Biofuel Production from Renewable Resources 
BE7909-2.pdf BE 7909 Energy Conservation and Renewable Engineering 
BE7910.pdf BE 7910 Food Nanotechnology