Computer Labs

PC Lab in Ag Metals

In Ag Metals, our department maintains two main computer labs: PC Lab (Rm. 106) and the Sun Lab (Rm. 138).

Classes are held in these labs, but outside of posted class times and during operating hours, these labs are available to BE students for any course-related work. In addition to these labs, a third teaching lab is used for Instrumentation and Biomechanics and has an additional 10 computers for a total of over 75 stations. 

Operating Hours

8:30-4:30 PM, Monday- Friday


106 & 138 Ag Metals Building, LSU


Programs Available (updated annually)

  • Adobe Reader
  • ArcGIS
  • Arduino IDE
  • Autodesk
  • Comsol
  • Fritzing
  • Google Earth
  • ImageJ
  • Kinovea
  • LabVIEW
  • MatLab
  • Microsoft Office Suite
  • Phys Tracker
  • SuperProDesigner
  • VMware