Patrick F. Taylor Hall - Frequently Asked Questions

Construction Process (Phase 2 through completion)

What part of the building will be under renovation in the second phase of construction?
The South side of PFT will be closed for renovation. The Camber Atrium and Roy O. Martin Auditorium in the Chemical Engineering Building was completed in December 2016.

Where can I enter the building?
You may enter on the newly renovated North side of the building, across from the Business Education Complex. Pay close attention to construction zones and signage around the building as they may change from time to time.

Where can I exit the building in case of an emergency?
Follow the lit EXIT signs throughout the building. ALWAYS evacuate immediately when you hear the fire alarm sound.

Should I be concerned about my health and safety during this process?
Safety is of the utmost importance not only to the college, but to the construction management company and LSU’s Health & Safety department. For additional information, the LSU Health & Safety website is and you may contact their office with any questions at 225-578-5640.

Will student parking be affected?
The student commuter lot will remain open and available to students. 127 new spaces were added to the commuter lot during the first phase of construction.

How long will this entire renovation last?
The construction project is slated to last three years and is scheduled to be complete by the end of 2017. 

Will the location of my classes be affected? 
The location of classes has already been determined through LSU’s Office of the Registrar and will appear on your schedule. Should any last-minute changes occur, you would be notified via email.

Where do I go to see a counselor?
Engineering Student Services is located in the Audubon Sugar Institute Building until they relocate back to PFT Hall in September. Stay connected with the college on social media for continuous updates. 

Will the location of my department and professors be affected?
All departments will move back into PFT Hall from their temporary locations. Click here for a complete listing of relocations and timelines. 

Will the Chevron Center/Communications Studio still be open?
The Chevron Center for Academic Success is located in PFT Hall, room 1233 until they relocate in October. Stay connected with the college on social media for continuous updates. 

Where will the computer lab classes be held?
Click here to see a listing of the computer lab class schedule for the fall 2017 semester.