The Period Project | LSU Women's Center

The Period Project at LSU


The Period Project aims to provide emergency period products for members of the LSU community and campus guest. Emergency supplies include tampons, pads, and panty liners. Emergency supplies can found at the following locations:

  • The LSU Women’s Center, Bathroom
  • Student Union, Information Desk
  • Coates Hall, Center for Academic Success, Women's Bathroom (temporarily on hold)
  • Allen Hall, University College Front Desk, Room 150
  • LSU Library, 2nd Floor, Circulation Desk
  • Design Building, 4th Floor, Sink between the Bathrooms
  • Cox Academic Center, 1st Floor Bathrooms
  • Hatcher Hall, College of Sciences Front Desk, Room 124
  • Patrick F. Taylor, 2nd floor Bathroom, zone 220 by Capstone Staircase (temporarily on hold)
  • BEC, 2nd Floor Bathroom by Rotunda
  • Human Ecology, Front Desk, Tower Drive Entrance
  • UREC, Main Office
  • Digital Media Center, 1st Floor Circular Desk
  • The Vet School, 1213 Student Affairs

If you use something, let us know! If order to keep our funding we need to know where the emergencies are!

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Period Packs

In addition to these locations for emergency period products, we now have three locations on campus for Period Packs. Period Packs provide a free change of clothes in the event of an emergency and include a hot/cold pack, cleansing clothes, Shout Wipe & Go, zip top bag, tampons, and a pad. Period Packs can be picked up at the following locations:

  • LSU Library, Room 227
  • LSU Student Union, SG Senate Office Room 256 
  • Patrick F. Taylor, Room 3272 Z    

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