Welcome to the Women's Center 

The Women's Center is a safe space for all identities. Students, faculty and staff can use the space Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. We have spaces for individuals to come study, just to hang out for a bit, or attend their virtual classes. The Women's Center is not taking reservations at this time and all spaces will be available on a first come first serve basis.

Multipurpose Room

  • Has four tables set up with two chairs at each table. If two people share a table, they must accompany one another.
  • Great for studying or doing work.

LGBTQ Resource Room

  • Has a two-person limit and if there are two people in the space, they must accompany one another.
  • Includes LBGTQ+ books, movies, magazines and aesthetic pieces.


  • There are two chairs available at the table. If two people use the room, they must accompany one another.
  • Standard long table and chairs surrounded by bookshelves; Great for attending virtual classes.

Small Conference Room

  • Has one table set up as a workspace.
  • No more than two people may be in the room together and they must accompany one another.


  • Has resource information and safer sex supplies.
  • There are two chairs available for sitting in the lounge area.

Lactation Room

  • Is available for its intended purpose only.