LSU Office of Diversity, Diversity Ambassadors

About OoD Diversity Ambassadors

LSU’s OoD Diversity Ambassador’s Program is a newly designed program created to provide current student leaders and emerging leaders with the opportunity to learn effective practices in diversity and inclusion. Diversity Ambassadors will assist OoD in various programs and initiatives, in addition to creating new and exciting programs designed to bridge the gap between current cultures on campus and bring awareness to new and emerging cultures. Diversity Ambassadors are dedicated to “broadening the face of leadership at LSU” and will commit themselves to creating a platform for change and inclusion through exploring geographic, racial/ethnic, gender identity, ability, religious, and other types of cultural diversity. This program will allow students to tackle issues of diversity and inclusion from a three prong approach which include: a) Programmatic Approach, b) Training and Peer Leadership Approach, and c) an Advocacy Approach.  The program is targeted to all students who wish to initiate and implement change to Greater LSU and Baton Rouge Community.
ambassadors at diversity booth on campus


Desired Goals


Through interacting with individuals who have both differences and commonalities, students will be able to find areas of  overlap and vast difference in life experience. Students will gain empowerment and encouragement to identify and rectify areas of inequity through advocacy and civic engagement.


Knowledge is an infinite process. Through the Diversity Ambassadors program, students will be able to utilize and gain critical thinking skills through channeling the individual impacts they can make on diversity. Students will also learn, examine and share how their identities affect the way they view and see the world; this will help students develop a broader worldview and mobilize strategies for empowerment and change at LSU and in the Baton Rouge Community.


Students will not only aim to increase diversity, but will influence and encourage other students to embrace their individual differences and use them to navigate their new environments. Teaching students how to adapt rather than acculturate.


Students will aim to engage members of the LSU community including faculty and staff members, especially those who have close ties to the LSU community. Students will work to create events on campus that will engage students, faculty, staff, and individuals at Southern, BRCC.


Core Components

  • Programming
  • Training & Peer Leadership
  • Advocacy
  • Learning Outcomes

Learning Outcomes

  • Identity Development 
  • Self-Empowerment
  • Communicating Effectively
  • Developing Integrity 
  • Global Awareness
  • Develop Desire to Give Back