About the Program

group of scholars

 The goal of the program is to provide these students access to transformational opportunities that might not be easily accessed. The first two years the program concentrates on a student-centered approach to ensure academic and personal development. The last two years highlight career and professional development with a focus on internships and professional opportunities. Participating students must  also maintain full-time status and a grade point average of 2.5.

While matriculating in the President’s Millennial Scholars Program, students have multiple opportunities to develop. To achieve these goals the program's staff connects scholars to campus and external resources to help with: career assessments, advising, counseling, scheduling, and creating successful study plans, student support programs, and social consciousness among others things.

Creating Community, Building Family

The program’s staff is dedicated to the success of each scholar. Scholars are encouraged to attend diverse programs each semester including: professional/career workshops, professional development workshops, and community/global outreach programs.

 Scholars participate in a monthly professional development opportunity and are encouraged to meet regularly with program staff to discuss academic progress, personal-social engagement, and career-professional related issues; and ascertain the services needed to achieve the stated goals.

Volunteer faculty mentors are also chosen for each student. The program resides in LSU’s Office of Diversity.

To learn more Email: pmsp@lsu.edu