Swahili for "coming together," Harambeé is an evening extravaganza that celebrates African American student life and fosters connections among African American students. Harambeé highlights and showcases the talents of LSU students and provides a motivational message as students begin the academic year. In addition, students receive the Profiles Resource Booklet which offers an overview of organizations, departments, and campus services. This year, Harambeé is held this year in the LSU Student Union on Thursday, September 17th at 6:00 pm. For more information, please contact oma@lsu.edu. 

Multicultural Student Leadership Conference

The Multicultural Student Leadership Conference (MSLC) is a one-day conference where a diverse group of student leaders from LSU and visiting universities participate in a variety of workshops/sessions that enhance and build upon their leadership skills. MSLC is coordinated by the African American Cultural Center and is held in the Business Education Complex on Saturday, October 10th starting at 8:00 am. 

Rainbow Rush

Rainbow Rush is a celebration that kicks off the academic year for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer (LGBTQ) students and their allies. The program provides opportunities for new and returning LGBTQ students and their allies to foster connections and learn about campus and community resources for the LGBTQ community at LSU. 

Lavender Graduation

Lavender Graduation celebrates, recognizes, and honors LGBTQ students who successfully complete their college careers at LSU. The celebration is held at the end of the spring semester each year. For more information on how to participate, please contact oma@lsu.edu. 

Geaux Red

Geaux Red is the annual HIV/AIDS awareness week long event in honor of World AIDS Day hosted by the LGBTQ Project in the LSU Office of Multicultural Affairs and Spectrum at LSU. A 2011 Louisiana Youth Risk Behavior Survey found that 25% of Louisiana students never received formal sexual education regarding HIV or AIDS prevention. Geaux Red is hosted every year in November and the beginning of December. 

Safe Space Trainings

These trainings educate members of the campus community who affirm and support all students regardless of sexual orientation and gender identity/expression. Safe Space Hosts make a commitment to combating bias and discrimination at LSU and in surrounding communities. 

Hispanic Cultural Showcase

The Showcase serves as an opportunity for the campus community to learn more about the history and traditions of Hispanic culture during the National Hispanic Cultural Heritage Month (September 15 - October 15). A variety of hands-on program components provide experiential learning opportunities for both Hispanic students and their peers. This event is coordinated alongside with the Hispanic Student Cultural Society. 

Asian American Cultural Heritage Showcase

The Cultural Heritage Showcase is an annual evening event that promotes Asian American awareness through a variety of student-lead activities and performances during the fall semester. The event allows students and community members to be exposed to the different groups within the Asian cultures. This event is coordinated alongside with the Asian American Ambassadors. 

Native American Identity Workshop

The Identity Workshop is a 3 hour long program that includes a panel discussion, presentation/demonstration, and Q&A for Native American students at LSU. This program is an educational endeavor to promote Native American identities at LSU and is coordinated alongside with the Native American Student Organization. 

Black History Month

Celebrated every February, Black History Month observes the struggles, strides, and achievements of African Americans. A variety of educational, cultural, and social programs are directed by a student committee around a theme to celebrate Black history. Locally and nationally acclaimed speakers and performers are invited to share their knowledge and talents representing the African American experience. Black History month is coordinated by the African American Cultural Center.