Information for High School Juniors and Counselors

High School Juniors

The priority application deadline is Friday, March 1, 2019.  However, applications will continue to be reviewed until all slots are filled.   To complete the application, please complete the following:

  • Fill out the application using the link below
  • Attach a PDF or scanned copy of your transcript
  • Attach a PDF or scanned copy of a letter of recommendation from a teacher or counselor
  • Attach a PDF or scanned copy of your ACT/SAT scores (not required)


Submit your application

For applications submitted by March 1, 2019, decision emails will be sent by March 8, 2019.  Afterwards, decisions will be emailed on a rolling basis.

Learning Outcomes

SPRINGFEST Recruitment Weekend participants who engage in sessions, activities, and services provided by the Office of Multicultural Affairs will be able to. . .

  • Describe the admission, residence life, and financial aid requirements and processes of LSU
  • Participate in sessions and activities that foster an inclusive community and additional knowledge about the college experience
  • Understand various individual and collective perspectives of a college community
  • Create meaningful interactions with LSU students, faculty, and staff and/or other program participants
  • Participate in social, educational and cultural opportunities