2016 SPRINGFEST Recruitment Weekend

April 22nd - April 24th

springfest attendees at memorial tower

2014 SPRINGFEST participants and volunteers

SPRINGFEST Recruitment Weekend is a fun and informational program designed to bring the best and brightest students to LSU for a glimpse of the academic rigors and social opportunities available to them as a member of the LSU family. In collaboration with Undergraduate Admissions, the Office of Multicultural Affairs introduces these talented high school students to LSU's academic programs and services. Touring the campus and participating in an organizational fair provides these students a hands-on LSU experience.

Frequently Asked SPRINGFEST Recruitment Weekend Questions

What is the application process for SPRINGFEST?

All applicants meeting the general criteria for SPRINGFEST must submit a completed application (on-line or paper application), office high school transcript (with computed grade point average), copy of ACT/SAT score (if applicable), and letter of recommendation from a Principal or School Counselor.

When are the applications due?

Online applications and supporting documents must be submitted by Friday,March 25, 2016. Supporting materials are due by Friday, April 1, 2016 for full consideration.

I am not African American, may I still apply for SPRINGFEST?

Yes! SPRINGFEST is open to all students.

I have not taken the ACT or SAT, may I still apply for SPRINGFEST?

YES! You may still apply. You are encouraged to have an ACT or SAT score but are not required.

My high school prom is the weekend of SPRINGFEST, may I come late on Friday or Saturday?

No. Due to the weekend itinerary, we will not be able to accommodate students arriving late due to social activities.

Where will SPRINGFEST participants stay for the weekend?

SPRINGFEST participants will stay in the The Lod Cook Hotel located on the campus of LSU.

How many students are selected?

Up to 100 students will be selected for the weekend.

May I choose my roommate(s)?

The Office of Multicultural Affairs will consider room requests but requests can not be guaranteed.

Who monitors the SPRINGFEST participants for the weekend?

The Office of Multicultural Affairs takes the safety of our guests very seriously. The Office of Multicultural Affairs will be on hand around the clock to ensure that students have an educational and fun yet safe weekend. Additionally, Multicultural Affairs selects thirty (30) trained college students to serve as SPRINGFEST Team Leaders to assist in making sure that students have the best experience possible.

What do I need to bring for the weekend?

Invited students will receive a letter with specific details on what to bring for the weekend.

I am not a resident of Louisiana, may I still apply for SPRINGFEST?

Yes, students outside of Louisiana will still be considered for the program.

Will I have fun at SPRINGFEST?

Absolutely! You will also learn all you need to know about LSU.


Can I scan/email my supporting documents?

Yes, you may email us your transcript and letters of recommendation. Our email address is oma@lsu.edu.

I still have questions, who do I contact?

Please contact the LSU Office of Multicultural Affairs at (225) 578-4339.