LSU Student Union

The LSU Student Union serves as a center for campus life, creating a sense of community that fosters enduring loyalty to the University.  The Union is home to several food options, a UPS Store, a cell repair center, the Union Theater, a number of meeting and conference rooms, and many campus departments.

For your comfort and convenience, the LSU Student Union offers elevators at several locations within the building, a multi-faith prayer/meditation room, digital room signage, and a friendly, welcoming information desk staff.  The majority of MSLC will be taking place on the second and third floors of the Union, and there are plenty of directional signs to help you find your way.  If you get lost, simply look for someone with an "MSLC Volunteer" or "MSLC Staff" badge.

If you are using a GPS navigation system, enter the intersection of East Campus Drive and Raphael Semmes Road as your destination. You may find more information about the LSU Student Union here.

LSU Student Union




Parking can be located at the LSU Union Square Parking Garage, located on East Campus Drive near Raphael Semmes Road behind Barnes & Noble at LSU. You may also park behind the student union, the Law School lot, and any other unrestricted lots during the weekend for free.  If you would like to make parking arrangements, please contact our office, and we can work with you to make your visit hassle free!


Hotel Information 

Book a hotel near campus at a discounted rate by visiting our hotel portal:  Unfortunately, MSLC cannot provide transportation between hotels and the conference venue, however. several local hotels do offer shuttle services.  We recommend you contact your hotel for more details.



For assistance with travel arrangements email