photo: fellowsCriteria and Expectations

Target Group

The LSU BMLI Fellows Program is open to all full-time, Freshmen and/or First-Year Transfer LSU students to apply! Our Fellows participate in our program during their Sophomore and Junior years at LSU.


Students who:

  1. are in disciplinary “good standing” with the university;
  2. have sophomore status (30 credit hours) by the start of the upcoming fall semester;
  3. have a minimum of 2.0 GPA;
  4. can fully participate in the program; and
  5. complete the application by the noted deadline. 


  • BMLI FELLOWS are expected to attend all BMLI workshops and functions in business casual attire, unless notified otherwise.
  • BMLI FELLOWS should be punctual to all BMLI workshops and events and complete BMLI tasks and projects.
  • BMLI FELLOWS are encouraged to utilize all BMLI resources (i.e. references, mentors, faculty/staff and university administration).
  • BMLI FELLOWS are expected to maintain open lines of communication with BMLI administrators, staff and other Fellows.
  • BMLI FELLOWS are accountable for their individual actions, as well as for the group.
  • BMLI FELLOWS are expected to exemplify high moral character and responsible citizenship.
  • BMLI FELLOWS are expected to be leaders in the campus community and in service.
  • BMLI FELLOWS are expected to have fun and recommend BMLI to other students!


For questions or concerns, please contact you.