photo: coleman

Meet the BMLI Graduate Coordinator

Marvin Dupiton serves as the LSU Black Male Leadership Initiative Graduate Coordinator. 

Marvin is currently a Ph.D candidate in the LSU Higher Education Administration program.

As the LSU BMLI Graduate Coordinator, Marvin is responsible for coordinating the LSU Black Male Leadership Initiative Fellows Program (planning activities, communicating with Fellows, managing student worker projects and interns affiliated with the program, occasionally representing and presenting the program, and assessing the impact and outcomes). He works with the student leadership of BMLI (co-chairs, programming chairs, intern, and success coaches) to develop a holistic experience for BMLI participants (Fellows) focusing on academics, leadership, civic and social engagement. In addition to the aforementioned responsibilities, he assists with general office and program support as it pertains to synthesizing large amounts of data and information; researching and applying for grants; formulating program and data reports; producing ad hoc reports as requested by the Vice Provost for OoD; supporting reporting units of OoD; and other duties as assigned by OoD administration as they relate to the diversity agenda and mission of the university and the office.