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Women's Empowerment Initiative


The WE Initiative at LSU aids in ensuring an environment where women of color can thrive as students. A small team of students and staff advocate for their holistic well-being in this program with the assistance of campus partners, community members, students, faculty, and staff. We believe the WE Initiative is where valued mentoring and developing young women of color in their academic, professional, physical, social, identity, civic, and emotional well-being meet. We advocate for equity in resources and opportunities, and strive to bring everyone in the LSU community to work towards the retention, matriculation, and graduation of our students. Everyone participating in the initiative must embrace the value of mentoring young women as they strive to reach their fullest potential, while focusing on their academic, professional, physical, social, identity, civic, and emotional well-being.


2017-2018 Event Calendar 

The WE-I initiative is an open and free program.  The monthly series is designed to meet the complex needs and challenges of women of color.  The series will include guest speakers, PowerPoints, dialogues, panels, activities and much more. 

*Dates, times, locations, themes, and event descriptions will be updated as information becomes available. 

27 September 2017 | 7:00 PM | African American Culture Center 

WE Initiative Kick-off.  The kick-off will include several dynamic identity exercises to explore who you are and who we are.  Our identity will not be forgotten!  Don't let us miss out on your energy, so join us!


TBD: Physical Health Topic and Breast Cancer Awareness with the Black Male Leadership Initiative (BMLI)   


TBD: Economic Empowerment and Entrepreneurship 


TBD: Colorism


TBD: Mental Health and/or Black Love Panel


TBD: Professional Development 


TBD: Special End of the Year Event


Resources on & off Campus 

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If you have feedback, comments of suggestions for the WE Initiative you may email oma@lsu.edu.  We would love to hear from you.


Photo Gallery 

Highlight photos from signature events are coming soon. 



WE Initiative Intern | Secret Morris | Senior | Communication Studies Major | smorr49@lsu.edu

African American Student Affairs Graduate Assistant | Fallan S. Frank | ffrank6@lsu.edu 

Want to join the WE Initiative Leadership Board? Email Andrea E. Grant at agrant10@lsu.edu