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Women's & Gender Studies Joint Faculty Members

Sarah Becker
(joint appointment with Sociology)

Dana Berkowitz
(joint appointment with Sociology)

Benjamin Kahan 
(joint appointment with English)

Academic Affairs
(Office of Equity, Diversity & Community Outreach)
Katrice Albert

Leslie Koptcho
Susan Ryan

Arts & Sciences Communications and Development
Brenda Macon

Biological & Agricultural Engineering
Marybeth Lima

Biological Sciences

Dominique Homberger
John Larkin
Kathy Thompson

Center for Computation and Technology
Stacey Simmons

Megan Macnaughtan

Civil & Environmental Engineering
Kelly Rusch

Communication Studies
Rachel Hall
Loretta Pecchioni

Educational Theory, Policy, and Practice
Jacqueline Bach
Laura Hensley Choate
Denise Egea-Kuehne
M. Jayne Fleener
Petra Munro Hendry
Roland Mitchell
Margaret-Mary Sulentic Dowell
Ann Trousdale

Lillian Bridwell-Bowles
James Catano
Lauren Coats
Angeletta Gourdine
Katherine Henninger
Benjamin Kahan
Laura Mullen
Michelle Massé
Elsie Michie
Anna Nardo
Daniel Novak
Solimar Otero
June Pulliam
Pallovi Rastogi
Jean Rohloff
Brooke Rollins
Emily Toth
Carolyn Ware
Sue Weinstein
Sharon Weltman

Foreign Languages & Literatures

Dorota Heneghan

French Studies

Lucie Brind'amour
Kate Jensen
John Protevi
Adelaide Russo
Jack Yeager

Geography & Anthropology
Jill Brody
Dydia Delyser
Joyce Jackson
Helen Regis

Geology & Geophysics
Judith Schiebout

Maribel Dietz
Carolyn Lewis
Alecia Long 
Suzanne Marchand

Human Ecology
Jenna Kuttruff

International Studies
Peter Sutherland

Andrea Houston

Law Center 
Christine Corcos

Philosophy & Religious Studies
Paula K. Arai
Stephen Finley 
Reem Meshal

James Rocha
Gail Sutherland

Plant, Environmental, and Soil Sciences
Maud Walsh

Political Science
Kate Bratton
Laura Moyer


Kevin Grobman

Social Work

Daphne Cain
Cassandra Chaney
Catherine Lemieux
Elaine Maccio
Katherine Stamps Mitchell
Pamela Monroe

Sarah Becker
Dana Berkowitz

EunJin Cho
Leigh Clemons
John Fletcher

Women's & Gender Studies
Challen Nicklen


Women's & Gender Studies
118 Himes Hall
Louisiana State University
Baton Rouge, LA 70803 USA
Phone: 225.578.4807
Fax: 225.578.4804
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