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WGS 1001 (Evolution of Sex and Gender, 3 hours): Interdisciplinary course, team-taught by faculty in the physical and social sciences. Covers evolution as differential reproduction; reproduction-related earth history highlights; genetics of sex; animal reproduction strategies; anatomy and physiology of human reproductive systems; evolutionary trajectories in primates; sex and gender in human prehistory and in culture. This course does not count towards the concentration or minor requirements. However, it does meet general education requirements for Natural Sciences.

WGS 2200 (Popular Culture and Gender, 3 hours): This course examines a variety of popular culture forms from a women's studies and gender perspective. Emphasis on the effects of gender, race, class, sexual orientation and age.

WGS 2300 (Gender and Health, 3 hours): Focus is on the variety of health concerns that are also related to gender, including disparities and differences in health needs and responses, historical and contemporary notions of health and gender, and how gender and health intersect with class, ethnicity, age, and place.

WGS 2500 (Introduction to WGS, 3 hours): Interdisciplinary study of women's lives: work, family, sexuality, economic development, political and social change; variance in sex roles among cultural groups and in different historical periods. This course is required for both the concentration and the minor and fulfills general education requirements for Humanities.

WGS 2900 (Gender, Race, and Nation, 3 hours): This course examines the constructs of gender and sexuality across diverse racial, ethnic, cultural, and class boundaries. This course is required for the concentration and fulfills general education requirements for Social Sciences.

WGS 3150 (Survey of Feminist Theory, 3 hours): Interdisciplinary study of a range of feminist theories through which to consider the roles of women, gender, and sexuality. This course is required for the concentration.

WGS 3600 (Women and Leadership, 3 hours): Interdisciplinary study of gender and leadership. Emphasis on women as leaders in a range of settings in education and society.

WGS 4028 (Gender & American Politics, 3 hours): Study of the role gender plays in the political arena in the United States.

WGS 4087 (Gender, Place & Culture, 3 hours) also offered as GEOG 4087 & ANTH 4087): Through the lens of gender this course explores the geographices of everyday life to show how notions of maleness and femaleness influence how we understand and relate to the world around us, from our built environment, to the places we invest with meaning, and the very ways we live, work, travel and explore.

WGS 4500 (Special Topics in WGS, 3 hours, may be taken for up to 6 hours, Prereq.: WGS 2500): Issues must be central to contemporary feminist inquiry. This course is required for both the concentration and the minor.

WGS 4900 (Independent Reading and Research in WGS, 3 hours, Prereq.: WGS 2500 and permission of instructor and department): With permission, advanced students may also arrange to complete an independent study with a WGS faculty member on an interdisciplinary topic. May be taken for a max. of 6 sem. hrs. of credit when topics vary. Reading and research on selected topics must emphasize feminist interdisciplinary approaches. 

WGS 7150 (Seminar in Feminist and Gender Theory, 3 hours): Topics in recent and contemporary theory in a range of disciplines including the humanities, social sciences, natural and physical sciences, design, and education; students are encouraged to develop research projects relevant to their primary disciplines and to their research interests.

WGS 7900 (Independent Reading and Research in WGS, 3 hours):
May be taken for a max. of 6 sem. hrs. of credit.

Approved WGS Electives


ENGL 2593, Images of Women
ENGL 3593, Women and Literature
ENGL 4593, Seminar in Women’s Studies
FREN 4090, French and Francophone Women Writers
FREN 4095, Studies in Gender and French Literature
REL 3300, Women and Religion
REL 4032, Religion, Gender, and Society
SPAN 4100, Women Writers of the Hispanic World
THTR 4020, Women and Theatre

Social Sciences

ENGL 4493, Women and Folklore
HIST 4079, Women in U.S. History
CLST 2080, Women in Antiquity
CMST 3115, Gender and Communication
SOCL 4521, Sex Roles in Contemporary Society
WGS 2900, Gender, Race, and Nation
WGS/POLI 4028, Gender and American Politics
H/GEOG 4087, Gender, Place, and Culture

Cross-Cultural Studies

ANTH 2051, Introduction to World Ethnography
ANTH 3401, The Study of Folklore
ANTH 4003, Indian Civilization of Middle and South America
ANTH 4050, Black Music in America
ANTH 4051, Africa
ANTH 4053, African-American Cultures
ANTH 4470, Folklore of the African Diaspora
ANTH 4475, American Folklore
EDCI 4800, Teaching in the Multicultural Classroom
ENGL 3401, The Study of Folklore
ENGL 3674, Survey of African-American Literature
ENGL 4674, Studies in African-American Literature
FREN 4060, French Literature of Quebec
HIST 4077, American Popular Culture
REL 4800, Buddhism
SPAN 3044, Introduction to Latin American Literature II
SPAN 3074, Advanced Readings on Hispanic-American Civilization

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