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Commercial Fishing for Red Snapper to Remain Open Until Dec. 31
Posted: 12/9/05

The fall commercial fishing season for red snapper in Louisiana state waters will be extended until noon on Dec. 31, 2005, unless the secretary is informed by the regional administrator of the National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) that the season date in federal waters has been modified.

Upon closure, no person shall commercially harvest, purchase, barter, trade, sell or attempt to purchase, barter, trade or sell red snapper. Nothing shall prohibit the possession or sale of fish legally taken prior to the closure providing that all commercial dealers possessing red snapper taken legally prior to the closure shall maintain appropriate records in accordance with R.S. 56:306.5 and R.S. 56:306.6.

According to NMFS, 1,504,704 pounds of the commercial quota for red snapper for the 2005 season is still available for harvest. Extending the season until Dec. 31 will allow commercial harvesters access to these resources.

NMFS had requested consistent regulations for Louisiana waters to enhance effectiveness and enforceability of regulations.

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