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Management Information: BRDs

Dated News Releases & Publications Archive for (BRDs
  • News Bulletin – August 4, 1997
    Bycatch Reduction Approved for the Gulf of Mexico Shrimp Fishery to Protect Red Snapper
    Download: NR97-29.pdf (85KB file)
  • News Release – May 15, 1998
    Fisheries Service Certifies Two Additional Bycatch Reduction Devices
    Download: NR98-034 (75KB file)
  • Managing the Nation's Bycatch: Priorities, Programs and Actions for the National Marine Fisheries Service – June 1998
    Download: bycatchplan.pdf (7.67MB file)
  • Shrimpers Anticipate Bountiful Harvest: Storms ike Frances are helping the catch, despite lower prices, profits – September 10, 1998
    Download: NR-9-10-98.pdf (92KB file)
  • New Fish-Bait Device Helps Protect Seabirds – April 18, 2002
    Download: NR-4-18-02.pdf (60KB file)
  • Bycatch Reduction in the Gulf of Mexico and South Atlantic Shrimp Fleet – May 6, 2003
    Download: NR-5-6-03.pdf (91KB file)
  • Imlementing the Sustainable Fisheries Act – June 2003
    Download: SFA_finalreport.pdf
    (1.01MB file)
  • Federal Register/Vol. 69, No. 6/Friday, January 9, 2004/Rules and Regulations
    Download: FR_Amendment10.pdf (72KB file)
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