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Biological Info: Greater Amberjack

Lesser Amberjack

Scientific Name:
Seriola fasciata
Common Names:
Range & Habitat:

Gulfwide, but found in more offshore waters than the greater amberjack. It is not a common fish, but when found, it is often near floating objects or weed lines.

Identification & Biology:
This small jack is difficult to separate from the greater amberjack, but it does have a deeper body for its length than the greater amberjack. The diagonal dark bar through the eye may stop short of the dorsal fin. It extends to the dorsal fin in the greater amberjack. See Greater Amberjack for a guide to positive identification. Little is known of its biology.
Up to 4 pounds, occasionally 8 pounds.
Food Value:
Assumed to be as good as the greater amberjack.

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