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Louisiana Stakeholders Forum on Offshore Aquaculture

In 2008, the Louisiana Legislature passed a concurrent resolution asking Congress to oppose the authorization of offshore aquaculture in the Gulf of Mexico. Recognizing there are potential positives and negatives to offshore aquaculture, Louisiana Sea Grant brought together stakeholders on both sides of the issue – as well as several undecided players – in October 2008 to discuss the topic and see if it needs further examination. Representatives from the state’s four traditional user groups (recreational fishermen, commercial fishermen, charter fishermen and environmental advocates) came together in one room to voice concerns and hopes surrounding mariculture and to determine if the issue should be left where it stands or if it needs to be revisited.

Presentations made during the stakeholders forum, as well as a meeting report, are available below. Presentations are view-only documents and cannot be printed.


  • John Hawke (4.14MB, PDF) — Disease in Marine Aquaculture
  • Michael Rubino (5.62MB, PDF) — US Marine Aquaculture: The Federal Perspective
  • Michael Tringali (534KB, PDF) — Genetic Interactions Between Cultured and Wild Fish Stocks
  • Sebastian Belle (1.29MB, PDF) — Maine Aquaculture
  • Tom Mcilwain (123KB, PDF) — Aquaculture Fishery Management Plan

Meeting Report:


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