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Smart Bodies

Smart Bodies is an interactive educational program designed to help prevent childhood obesity. A joint initiative of the LSU AgCenter and Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana Foundation, Smart Bodies integrates classroom activities with hands-on learning to teach children how to build strong bodies and develop active minds.

The Smart Bodies program consists of three main components:

1. Louisiana Body Walk Exhibit
Body Walk in the Small IntestineThe Body Walk is a 35 foot by 45 foot interactive exhibit of the human body, targeting kindergarten through 5th grade youth. Approximately 500 students can walk through the exhibit in one school day. During their walk, students explore the brain, mouth, stomach, small intestine, heart, lungs, bones, muscles, and skin, stopping at learning stations to participate in activities focused on the effects that different foods have on each organ.

RIGHT: Students, acting as nutrients from food, are absorbed into the bloodstream via the villi in the Small Intestine Station of the Body Walk.

Cafeteria Station of the Body WalkThis exhibit has been a successful model for teaching human nutrition, physiology and the importance of healthy lifestyle behaviors in a manner that children can understand. Students will also receive an activity book to share with their families.

LEFT: Students observe how food on their lunch tray fits into overall healthy food consumption guidelines at the Cafeteria Station of the Body Walk.

2. The OrganWise Guys
Fun characters help young children understand physiology and healthy behaviors through books, games, dolls and informational videos. They include such characters as Hardy Heart, Luigi Liver, Peter Pancreas, Madame Muscle and Calci M. Bone. The “characters” reside in a larger doll called Little Organ Annie or Little Organ Andy. Participating schools will receive a free healthy school kit filled with educational tools.

3. Classroom-Based Physical Activity Program
2 Step in the Classroom is a classroom-based grade-specific educational tool that encourage short bouts of physical activity integrated with academic lessons. Participating schools will receive curricular materials and training for each grade level providing teachers with learning activities that incorporate movement to reinforce academic concepts. Curricular materials in both programs are linked to the Common Core Standards and Grade-level Expectations established by the Louisiana Department of Education.

Visit www.smartbodies.org for more information!

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