Myrica cerifera

Southern Waxmyrtle

Family: Myricaceae

Zone: 7-10                              Average Size: 15’H x 12’W


-Dense mounding habit, usually multiple stems
-Simple leaf, narrowly oblanceolate and irregular, entire or toothed margin, dotted with yellow resin glands above and below, aromatic, evergreen
-Small fruit clustered along stem and crusted with a white wax on female plants

Note: The Southern Waxmrytle is a large native shrub found growing in thickets, woodlands, near swamplands and open fields. It thrives in full sunlight or partial shade, but is tolerant of a wide range of growing conditions. In the landscape it has been used as a small evergreen tree, but continual suckering requires frequent pruning and it may be considered a maintenance issue. The Southern Waxmyrtle is probably more suited in a shrubby form as a hedge or screen.

Campus Location: Renewable Natural Resources, south lawn