Vitex agnus-castus

Chaste Tree or Vitex

Family: Verbenaceae

Zone: 7 - 9                           Average Size: 10’H x 8’W


-Upright spreading form, large shrub or pruned to a small tree
-Opposite arrangement of leaves and stems
-Compound leaf, palmate with 5-7 lanceolate leaflets, dark green above, gray pubescence below, aromatic
-Flower is a terminal spike, purple, pink or white blooming in early summer
-Terminal cluster of tiny fruit ⅛ inch in diameter

Note: Vitex or the Chaste Tree is native to southern Europe and like other species from this region of the world prefers full sunlight and well-drained soils. Vitex has also proved to be very heat and draught tolerant in the South. Blooming appears to be best when the species is under some draught stress. The showy flower spikes and gray-green foliage gives this species an interesting character in the landscape.

Campus Location: Efferson Hall, east seating area