Prunus campanulata

Taiwan Flowering Cherry

Family: Rosaceae

Zone: 8-9                             Average Size: 15-25’H x 15’W


-Simple leaf, ovate with a toothed margin, thread-like filaments at base of leaf
-Rosy-pink, bell-shaped flowers in late January and February
-Small cherries, green, turning red and then black
-Young branches have shiny bark with prominent vertical lenticels

Note: One of the first deciduous trees to bloom in late winter with bright pink blossoms and one of the few cherries adapted to the lower South. The Taiwan Flowering Cherry brightens the landscape in late winter and then fades into the background. The fruit, though showy, rarely last long before the birds devour the load. The Taiwan Flowering Cherry is used best as an accent species. By the end of the summer it usually appears thin and distraught.

Campus Location: Julian C. Miller Hall, northeast of patio