Liquidambar styraciflua


Family:  Hamamelidaceae
Zone:  5-9                               Average Size:  40’H x 25’W


-Simple leaf, star-shaped with 3-7 lobes
-Green, spiny round fruit, 1½ inches in diameter
-Dry, brown fruit usually litter the ground year round -Corky ridges on young stems

Note:   Generally considered a nuisance in landscape with the spiny fruit being stepped upon and propelled by lawn mowers.  Otherwise, the Sweetgum is a fast growing shade tree with outstanding fall color.  When used in the landscape probably best reserved for the large scale property or park area, away from sidewalks and paths. The selection 'Rotundiloba' produces no fruit and may be considered in locations where fruit may be a problem.

Campus Location: Green space south of Acadian Hall