Lagerstroemia indica


Family: Lythraceae

Zone: 6-9             

Average Size: 20’H x 15’W; varies greatly between cultivars


-Upright form with ascending branches, usually multiple trunks
-Simple leaf, elliptic 1-2 inches long, dull green
-Listed as opposite by many references, although buds appear offset
-Flower is a terminal panicle with fringed (crepe-like) petals, white, pink purple and shades of red
-Fruit is a woody capsule, persist through winter
-Smooth trunk with exfoliating bark

Note: The crapemyrtle continues to be one of the most widely loved and planted species in the Southern United States. Showy blooms lasting 60 to 100 days in summer, brilliant autumn color on most selections and gorgeous exfoliating bark all contribute to this species ornamental quality. Culturally, the crapemyrtle is highly tolerant of most urban conditions. In recent years, the introduction of L. fauriei has lead to the introduction of numerous interspecific hybrids by the U.S. National Arboretum. Many selections have outstanding ornamental qualities and superior disease tolerance. The following cultivars were recognized by Dr. Allen D. Owings and Dr. Gordon E. Holcomb of the LSU Ag Center as having the best tolerance of powdery mildew and Cercospora leaf spot; the two most prevalent diseases on crapemyrtle in Louisiana.


‘Basham’s Party Pink’

Campus Location: Julian C. Miller Hall, west