Juglans nigra  

Black Walnut

Family: Juglandaceae
Zone: 4-9                                Average Size: 50’H x 40’W


-Compound leaf, odd pinnate 11-23 leaflets, often missing terminal leaflet
-Leaf commonly missing terminal leaflet
-2-inch round fruit in late fall, nut enclosed in the thick husk
-Blackish-gray bark divided in broad ridges and furrows

Note:   A long-lived native tree in the eastern United States, but like its cousin the Pecan (Carya illinoensis), a long tap root limits nursery production and few Black Walnuts are planted in the landscape today. The edible nut has a distinctive flavor and is attractive to many wildlife species. The large nut and husk can also become a maintenance concern, littering the ground in the fall.

Campus Location: Parade Ground, north of War Memorial