Cornus florida    

Flowering Dogwood

Family:  Cornaceae
Zone:  4-9                               Average Size:  20’H x 15’W


-Opposite arrangement of leaves and stems
-Simple leaf, oval with prominent veins
-Young stems green, turning gray with age
-Distinctive floral buds with 4 scales, late autumn through winter
-White flowers with 4 petal-like bracts in spring
-Bark in small blocked segments, gray
-Clusters of red berries in the winter

Note:   Found growing in moist, acidic soils throughout the Eastern United States, the Flowering Dogwood is a widely loved spring blooming tree.  Although admired for its showy flowers, autumn color and shiny red fruit in winter, Cornus florida is difficult to establish in the Lower South.  High heat and humidity, disease and insect pressures, and poorly drained soils eventually take their toll even with the best site selection, soil preparation and cultural management.  The landscaper or homeowner should consider planting this species a short-lived.  Many cultivars exist including pink and red selections (var. rubra).

Campus Location: Julian C. Miller, south lawn