Albizia julibrissin


Family:  Fabaceae

Zone:  6-9                          Average Size:  25-35’H x 35’W 


-Open, spreading habit usually with multi trunks
-Bipinnately compound leaf with tiny leaflets
-Pink powder puff flowers in early summer
-Flat bean pod, 6” long, green to gray in fall, persistent through winter.

Note:   With as many specimens visible in the summer one would think Mimosa is a popular tree in the nursery industry.  In reality, it is not commonly grown.  Vascular wilt disease and insect damage cause decline and death, but homeowners and professionals alike continue to ask for the species.  The flowers and foliage provide an exotic look in the landscape.  The abundance of seed produces numerous seedlings that can be easily transplanted if you can’t live without one!

Campus Location: Ingram Hall