Acer palmatum

Japanese Maple

Family:  Aceraceae
Zone  5-9                       Average Size:  10-25’H x 10-20’W


-Opposite arrangement of stems and leaves
-Simple leaf, with 5 lobes, doubly serrate margin
-Some cultivars deeply dissected, appearing palmately compound
-Young stems are smooth and green to red
-Branches and trunk smooth and gray
-Small inconspicuous samara, usually few in number.

Note:   Of the maple species, the Japanese Maple is one of the most highly prized, making an exquisite small patio tree or focal point.  Many varieties and hundreds of cultivars exist, often exhibiting different sizes and forms.  In the nursery industry the red leaf cultivars (var. atropurpureum) are the most popular although selections with green foliage are handsome.  Adapted to full sun in the north, but in the south best growth in locations with afternoon shade to avoid leaf scorch in the heat of the summer.

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