What Time Forgot: The Lost Murals of Allen Hall Unveiled

For more than 50 years they sat, unnoticed and covered by layer upon layer of paint. Hundreds of people walked through the Allen Hall staircase every day without a clue of the magnificent artwork just inches away – that is until LSU alumna and art conservator Elise Grenier gave it new life.

On Sunday, Oct. 28, Grenier, along with the LSU Colleges of Art & Design and Humanities & Social Sciences, presented "Drawing Aside the Veil of Time: Unveiling of the Lost Murals of Allen Hall,” where Grenier discussed the discovery and restoration process for the Allen Hall frescoes, painted in 1939 by Roy Henderson, a graduate student of LSU professor Conrad Albrizio.

A special thanks goes to LSU alumna Sue Turner for making the project possible.

Grenier discovered the west-end frescoes when she was doing maintenance and research on the east-end frescoes, which she had restored years earlier. Following exploratory testing to reveal the presence of the paintings and their condition, the restoration process could begin.