CxC's Sixth annual Digital Media Fest announces winners

This truly is the "Digital Age," as new technology, especially in the realm of digital media, is being developed every day. LSU's sixth annual Digital Media Fest, sponsored by LSU Communication Across the Curriculum, or CxC, provides students with the opportunity to show off their talent and creativity across multiple formats of this continuously emerging technology.

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Students from 27 different majors entered 121 projects in seven categories: art & photography; creative animation; film & video; technical & scientific; informational & promotional; academic/extracurricular gumbo; and the newest category, idea/business plan pitch. The projects ranged from animated shorts to construction designs to an idea for a water desalination device.

"The fest is an opportunity for students, regardless of their major, to visually express their ideas using digital media," said Rebecca Burdette, associate director for CxC. "This is the most exciting thing about the Fest – giving that political science student the opportunity to share his story through a rap video, allowing that music student to show others her talents as a photographer, enabling that engineering student to present his solution to the energy crisis via a website."

Digital Media Fest is a celebration of LSU undergraduate students who are producing creative work using digital media, in and out of the classroom.
Eddy Perez/LSU University Relations

Burdette stressed that the range of entries in the fest has grown every year.

"We are seeing a significant amount of diversity in terms of the types of digital media with which students are experimenting," she said. "The introduction of new and reformatted categories for the 2011 fest is a direct result of this. For example, we saw an increase in creative animation entries last year, so we put animation in a category on its own – it was previously within the broad category of 'art.' This year, we've seen several digital music entries which don't currently have a place other than in academic/extracurricular gumbo, so we will consider how to address this for 2013."

All entries were first judged on their technical merits by 61 digital media professionals from across the country. The top five entries in each category then went on to present their work in person to a panel of judges in CxC's Studio 151 in Charles E. Coates Hall over the evenings of April 2-4. Nearly $5,000 in prizes was handed out to students, including $2,200 in scholarship money.

A different group of professionals judged each evenings presentations. Among those judges were Stuart Kaiser of Wacom Technology Services Corporation, Lake Douglas of LSU Art + Design, international artist and media personality Christopher O'Reilly, Hunter Territo of xDesign Inc., Jesse Hoggard of the Louisiana Technology Park, Jennifer Fowler of the Louisiana Business & Technology Center, Trey Truitt of LSU Career Services, James Peck of Eros Productions and James Peck Photography, George Kostuch of production and film sales company K2 Pictures and Richie Adams of the production studio River Road Creative.

Sophomore Andy Thompson, an art major, entered four projects and was a finalist in three categories: creative animation, technical & scientific and informational & promotional. He said a friend encouraged him to enter after participating in the 2011 fest. Three of Thompson's entries were classwork, while one was something he did in his free time. He called the experience "intimate," noting that the feedback he received will be very useful to his growth as both a student and an artist.

"It's so interesting, because it's a different experience from a class setting," he explained. "I'm very used to submitting art, but here we got to see everybody present their piece and explain the process of how they developed it. I definitely got some ideas for future work as well."

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Freshman Glynn Cooper took home the fest's Audience Choice Award, a $250 gift card, for his 2011 University High football highlight video.

"This was such a great opportunity," he said. "A friend told me about the fest, and I just knew that this was a chance for me to enter a film, and U-High just completed one of their best seasons ever."

Cooper, a freshman majoring in mechanical engineering, has a passion for film and football, as well as a brother on the University High squad. He saw the fest as a chance to further indulge in his favorite hobby. The Audience Choice prize was awarded based on public online voting at the fest website, which meant that Cooper's video was up against more than just the other entries in his category.

"I really didn't expect to win," he said. "I was up against all 121 contestants, and everybody did something different."
Cooper noted that seeing the film and editing work of upperclassmen will only help him continue to develop as a filmmaker, and give him some ideas for future contests.

"I know what I'm up against in the future," he said. "It's so cool to see so many different entries in so many different categories."

LSU CxC works to enhance learning experiences for students while improving their writing, speaking, visual and technological communication skills within the disciplines. CxC was named the "2010 Program of Excellence" by the Conference on College Composition and Communication. The award committee noted the innovative work of LSU in developing the comprehensive CxC program and declared that the university has "set the bar of innovation for learning and teaching."

CxC is a dynamic program jointly funded by the university, the colleges it serves, regional and national grants, and private gifts. For more information on Communication across the Curriculum, call 225-578-7791 or visit

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