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Undergraduate Minor in Chinese Culture and Commerce

With China emerging as the world’s second largest economy,LSU
considers preparing students for a U.S. - China
marketplace an important agenda that helps to increase
the quality of undergraduate students and programs, a key
objective of LSU’s flagship agenda.
The Undergraduate Minor in Chinese Culture and Commerce,
housed in the College of Arts and Sciences,
was created under the Modern Chinese Commerce and
Culture Initiative ("China Initiative") at LSU.

The Minor offers a rewarding educational experience with a diverse
set of courses in Chinese language, arts, geography, history,
politics and business. The program provides you with a
working knowledge of Chinese cultural environments and
business practices as it prepares you to become a future leader in
U.S.-China cultural and economic exchanges.
Graduation with the Minor is an important credential to help you
build a productive career related to China and international endeavors.

Chinese Culture and Commerce Brochure


Fahui Wang
Professor of Geography
Director of Chinese Culture and Commerce Program
E113 Howe-Russell
Louisiana State University
Baton Rouge, LA 70803
Phone: (225)578-6629
Fax: (225)578-4420


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