Student Organization Tailgating

Student Organizations and the 2018 LSU Football Season

For the 2018 LSU Football season, LSU has enacted a new policy for student organizations who host tailgates with alcohol. This process is based on LSU Policy Statement 78 “Serving, Possessing, and Consuming of Alcoholic Beverages” (PS-78). Updated on July 10, 2018, PS-78 “outlines the policies and procedures specifically applicable to the serving, possessing, and consuming of alcoholic beverages on University property and within University facilities by students, University personnel, and their guests.”

All student organizations that tailgate with alcohol must apply through this process and must tailgate on the Parade Ground. Student Organization tailgates where alcohol is not present are not required to apply for tailgating space on the Parade Ground through this process.

There are two ways registered student organizations can register their tailgates with alcohol. The majority of student organizations will use the first process “Registered Student Organization Tailgating on the Parade Ground.” A select list of Interfraternity Council organizations are approved to use the second process “Tailgating in Approved Greek Chapter Houses.”

LSU Athletics and Tailgating

View the full LSU Athletics Fan Guide. The fan guide is not meant to supersede LSU Policy Statement 78 (PS-78).

LSU Athletics has partnered with a tailgating vendor, blockparty, to offer full-service tailgating supplies with special student pricing for interested organizations.

Message from Campus Life

As staff members manage this season’s application requests, please let Greek Life or Campus Life staff know what questions you have related to the process or your organization's eligibility to participate. You can contact Campus Life’s Involvement team about questions regarding either the form or TigerLink by stopping by the office in room 358J LSU Student Union, sending an email to or by calling 225-578-5160.

Have a great and safe tailgating season – and Geaux Tigers!


Campus Life

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