About the Office of the Dean of Students

LSU provides a wide variety of opportunities for students to get involved, utilize resources, and make a positive difference in the community. The staff within the Office of the Dean of Students [ODOS] are committed to facilitating diverse experiences that lead to student success. Our departments include Campus Life, Disability Services, Greek Life, Student Advocacy & Accountability, Transfer Student Programs and the William A. Brookshire Military & Veterans Student Center. The staff also advise and provide administrative support for Student Government.

The priorities of our office include leadership & involvement; diversity, inclusion & cultural competence; holistic student development; and safety & security.

LSU’s Commitment to Community serves as a guiding document to assist the entire LSU campus in having pride in our institution and respecting the people who faithfully commit to the principles within the commitment to community. To promote these principles, the Office of the Dean of Students recognizes 12 outstanding seniors, known as the Tiger Twelve, who contribute positively to the life of the campus and surrounding community.

In addition to facilitating and celebrating student leadership, staff members also serve as advocates for student interests and are committed to providing a safe campus environment. The Associate Vice President and Dean of Students also serves as the LSU Deputy Coordinator for Title IX, ensuring the investigative team follows the current process under LSU’s Permanent Memorandum 73 (PM-73) for Title IX and Sexual Misconduct Policy.